How to Change your Name on Instagram

How to Change your Name on Instagram

So again, UI/UX of your favourite photo-sharing app is changed, and you are confused How to Change your Name on Instagram?

Don’t worry, and you are very close to the solution to your problem! This post is the quick tutorial of How to change your name on Instagram.  Many apps do not allow to change your name again and again, but on Instagram, you can change name and user name anytime. You will not get blocked or something like that. Sit back, relax and read the post. I am going to explain it in a straightforward method.
In 2020 Instagram is one of the biggest and best social media network in the world. Instagram has 1 Billion active users and counting. As the popularity of this photo-sharing app is increasing, people also getting concerned about their Instagram usernames, names, profile pic and much more. But a lot of people face difficulties in using the Instagram app and can’t understand the function, and they get confused about the essential features of the app. Now, let’s solve your obstacle of changing the Instagram name :

How to change your name on Instagram in 5 Easy Steps

1: Log on to your Instagram account.
How to change your name on Instagram
2: Click on the profile section.
How to change your name on Instagram
3: Now click on the edit profile button.
How to change your name on Instagram
4: Now write your new name on  Instagram.
How to change your name on Instagram


5: Click the right button on the upper corner.


Finally !! You have successfully changed your Instagram name.
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But display name and username are two different things so make sure your username is also professional or matches your niche to leave a good impact on your followers.
Not happy with your username?
If you are not happy with your current username, you can also change it in the same way and fill the new username on the username field and click save.

Instagram Username Ideas

Hmm…You have created a new Instagram account and not able to discover some cool username for your niche. Might be your desired username is already taken by someone on Instagram and you can’t come up with the new idea. Don’t be sad.
Do you Know?
There are a lot of sites by which you can get many fancy Instagram usernames in just one click. Isn’t it great? I’m going to share some of the beautiful Instagram username generator websites here.
Jimpix: Jimpix is an Instagram username generator website. In this website, you can quickly generate a username for not only Instagram but any other sites like youtube, twitter etc. And the best feature of this site is you can also check the availability of username. So, you don’t have to check username manually on Instagram or any other site. This site also offers a feature which can generate a password for the account. But I won’t recommend to use it as a password. For better security of your account, you must you a secure password manager like Lastpass.
Instausername: Instausername is AI-based Instagram username generator. Instausername generates a list of username picked up from the list of categories. It is effortless to use Instausername just put the keyword in the search box you will be good to go. Some example of generated username from this site is as follows :
little _miss_piggy etc.
Spinxo: I like this website and generated unique, rhyming and funny username from this site. If you are looking for some funky usernames for any social media accounts, I would recommend you to must try Spinxo.
These are the three widely used websites for generating unique Instagram username ideas for your Instagram account or any other social media website.

Instagram username change limit

Another question might pop up in your head like “How many times can I change my Instagram username? “
Well!! There is not any limit set by Instagram. You can alter your Instagram username as many times you want. But there is a drawback of changing Instagram username very frequently. It will be hard for you followers or people search your account by username, display/screen name.

Does changing Instagram name would affect your account?


“Does change Instagram name will hurt your account or Will it cause any negative impact”?
  “NOPE” changing Instagram name or username won’t cause any negative impact on your Instagram account, but it will be great if you follow some basic techniques to now lose your followers. So first, I am going to share what will be the negative impact on your account if you changed your Instagram name :
1. Some of your followers may be unfollowed you because they think you are not active. After all, your old  Instagram name will show not available page.
2. It will take some time by Google and other search engines to recognize your Instagram account.
To stop these bad things, you must follow the mentioned steps in the next paragraph.

Next Steps After Changing your Instagram Name

After changing your Instagram name, you must perform these actions which I am going to describe below : 

  1. Firstly you should announce the name change to your followers. The simplest method of doing this creates an attractive Instagram photo with a good caption and post it on Instagram or creating an Instagram story is also the first step.
  2. For informing more people about your Instagram name change announce it on other social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn etc.
  3. Update the Instagram links on other websites or platforms where you have mentioned the Instagram account. 

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Hope you liked our quick 5 step tutorial about How to Change your Name on Instagram.